Exhibtion about Ella Maillart, at Espace Ella Maillart, old village of Chandolin:
An access code is required for entering the exhibition. The code is available at the Tourist Office of Chandolin. Please note that the opening hours of the Tourist Office vary depending on the season of the year, so please enquire in advance:

Office du Tourisme de Chandolin
Route de Plampras 9
3961 Chandolin
Tel.  +41 (0)27 476 17 15


Association Les amis d'Ella Maillart - Assemblée générale 2022

The 2022 General Assembly of the Association The Friends of Ella Maillart will take place on Saturday 23 July 2022 at 14 hours, at the Salle communale de Chandolin, entry next to the Tourist Office. The Salle communale is located on the 3rd floor. The meeting will be followed, at 15 hours, by a concert entitled


The musicians, Maëlle Coulange and Maëlle Duchemin from France, will present traditional songs and music played on the sas, oud, rabâb and harp.

Chemin Ella-Maillart in Geneva
In response to a request by the Association of the Friends of Ella Maillart, the Genevan authorities announced in October 2016 that a new thoroughfare in the Allières area of Eaux-Vives will be named after Ella Maillart. The inauguration of the Chemin Ella-Maillart will take place in 2023-2024.

Ella Maillart Hall at Municipal Museum of Karakol

Thanks to an initiative taken by Bernard Repond and Ishen Obolbekov of the Swiss association Pamir's Bridges, a new wing of some 100 m2 has been added to the municipal museum of the city of Karakol, near the eastern tip of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan. This new space, inaugurated on 10 September 2016 now houses a permanent exhibition of 112 photographs taken by Ella Maillart during her trek in the Celestial Mountains (Tien Shan) in 1932. Much of the construction costs were covered by the Karakol authorities but given the considerable cultural interest of this project to the region, it was has also sponsored by the Swiss Embassy to Kyrgyzstan, the State and Canton of Geneva, the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne and the Association The Friends of Ella Maillart.

The Musée du Léman in Nyon (Vaud, Switzerland) currently shows a large mural painting by Exem, the well-known Genevan draughtsman and cartoonist. It shows 16 famous personalities whose life or work is related to Lake Geneva — Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Mary Shelley, Ferdinand Hodler, Anne de Noailles, Gustave Courbet, Hergé, Jean-Luc Godard, Ella Maillart, among others. Four of the building's windows have also been decorated by the artist, making its façade look like a comic strip.

Recent publications


Ella Maillart — Ma Philosophie du voyage
Petite Bibliothèque Payot, Editions Payot & Rivages, Paris, 253 pages, 2022
The book includes 17 articles written by Ella Maillart about her travels in Asia. Wherever she was she paid special attention to the living conditions of women. Full of energy and unrelenting curiosity, she was magnetically attracted by forbidden lands, meandering itineraries and accidental encounters. She also practiced the art of travelling slowly so as to take in the experience, to seek the essential, the only lasting values - being close to nature, being free.


Ella Maillart — Regards sur Chandolin
Suivi de Ella Maillart ou la vie immédiate
de Nicolas Bouvier

Préface de Pierre-François Mettan, postface de Jérôme Meizoz
Editions Zoé, Genève, 2021, 168 pages
ISBN 978-2-88927-914-2

On her return from India after the Second World War, Ella Maillart discovered Chandolin, a small village in the Swiss Alps, where she would settle down and spend from now on six months of every year. This publication contains some of the photographs she took there between 1946 and 1978, as well as several articles she wrote about her alpine retreat. An text by Nicolas Bouvier, Ella Maillart où la vie immédiate, as well as a preface by Pierre-François Mettan and an afterword by Jérôme Meizoz complete the book.

Books for children

Kini - Le Monde à bras le corps — Une biographie d'Ella Maillart
Ingrid Thobois et Géraldine Alibeu
Editions À pas de loups, 2019, 60 pages

Un fabuleux destin - Ella Maillart
Olivier May
Editions Anzou (Suisse), 2021, 32 pages

Others parutions

Also in 2021, the publisher EDT in Turin has produced three of Ella Maillart's books in Italian:  Cruises and Caravans, The Cruel Way , Ti-Puss, Turkestan Solo and Forbidden Journey:

For readers interested in Ella Maillart's career as a sportswoman and sailor, the Association The Friends of Ella Maillart has produced a 38-page booklet, size 21 x 27 cm, on her participation in the 1924 Olympic Games' sailing competitions. It contains reproductions of an album of photos and texts compiled by EM at the time, as well as the sailing medals and mementos she collected. The originals are part of the Ella Maillairt Photo Collection at the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne. For further information please contact

Ella Maillart - Dans la tourmente du XXe siècle
de Bridget Dommen
104 p., b/w photogr. illustrations
Editions Cabédita, Bière, 2020
Bridget Dommen specialises in youth books about personalities who marked their time. She shows us Ella Maillart as a privileged witness of the 20th century and its numerous political and social upheavals. Brief summaries of the political context in the different countries visited by Ella Maillart help to understand the situations and incidents she describes in her books.

Im Land der Sherpas 
Epilogue by Felicitas Hoppe
224 pages, 60 b/w photographs
Nagel & Kimche, Zurich, 2018.
This German translation of The Land of the Sherpas tells how, in 1951, Ella Maillart obtained a rare permit to visit Nepal, the last independent Himalayan kingdom, closed until 1949. After a two-month stay in Kathmandu she walks to the Malemchi valley and the sacred Gosainkund lake.

Oasis interdites - De Pékin au Cachemire
Preface by Nicolas Bouvier
Collector Edition, 417 pages
With the 62 photographs of the original book
Payot & Rivages, Paris, 2018

A new edition of the original French version of this classic tale, first published by Grasset, Paris, in 1937.