Opening hours of Espace Ella Maillart (permanent exhibition) in Chandolin
Wednesday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. During summer and winter peak season, open also on Monday and Tuesday. Opening hours being subject to change, it is recommended to enquire with the Chandolin Tourist Office prior to your visit. The exhibition is closed during low season, but you may contact the Chandolin Tourist Office to arrange a visit on request:
Tel.  +41 (0)27 476 17 15

Annual meeting of the Friends of Ella Maillart at Chandolin
This year’s General Assembly of the Association Les amis d’Ella Maillart will take place on Saturday 16 July 2016 at 2:30 pm at the Salle communale in Chandolin (Plampraz), Valais. Free entry, members and non-members are welcome.

At 3:00 pm, the meeting will be followed by the projection of Ella Maillart – Double Journey, by Mariann Lewinsky (Zurich) and Antonio Bigini (Bologna), a documentary produced by Ed. Memoriav, Berne and Cinemateca di Bologna. The authors of this “film in a film” used different source materials, including Ella Maillart’s 16mm films from her journey from Geneva to Kabul and India (1939-40), her photographs, contact sheets and quotations from letters and travel diaries.  Mariann Lewinsky and Antonio Bigina will be present to explain their approach in composing this successful mosaic.

Ecole de Culture générale Ella-Maillart (ECG-EM)

An important change will occur in the ECG-EM’s existence at the end of the academic year 2015-16: Its classes are to move to the building at present occupied by the Collège de Candolle, at rue d’Italie in the centre of Geneva.     

Crèche Ella-Maillart

The inauguration of this new nursery school named after Ella Maillart took place in September 2015. It is equipped for 94 children, aged from the end of maternity leave to school entry. The crèche is located at Boulevard de la Cluse in Geneva.

Permanent photo exhibition  
Thanks to an initiative of the Swiss NGO Pamir’s Bridges, the enlargement of the municipal museum of Karakol in Kirghizistan is under way: A new room of about 100 m2 is under construction, to show on a permanent basis some 11 0 photographs taken by Ella Maillart in the region of the Celestial Mountains in 1932. The inauguration of this new space is planned for early September 2016.

New publications

Ella Maillart – Double Journey
A documentary by Mariann Lewinsky and Antonio Bigini, in French, Italian and English.
DVD, Publ. Memoriav & Cineteca di Bologna, 2015, 40 min. Accompanied by a booklet and a bonus (Ella Maillart filmed by Jean Grémillon in 1926; 1940 edition of Nomad’s of the Frontier by Ella Maillart). DVD on sale at Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, and Memoriav, Berne (CHF15.00).

This “film in a film” is about Ella Maillart’s and Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s journey from Geneva to Kabul, and on to India, in 1939-40. The authors used a range of materials to compose this successful mosaic: Ella Maillart’s 16mm films, her photographs, contact sheets and extracts from her travel diaries and correspondence.

El Camino Cruel -
Un Viaje por Turquia, Persia y Afghanistán
con Annemarie Schwarzenbach
La Linea del Horizonte, Madrid, 336 p., 2015
ISBN 9788415958314

A new Spanish edition of Ella Maillart’s The Cruel Way, telling the story of the trip she undertook in 1939 in the company of Annemarie Schwarzenbach aboard her powerful Ford V8. The voyage from Geneva to Kabul took eleven weeks.

The Cruel Way - Switzerland to Afghanistan in a Ford, 1939
With a New Forword by Jessa Crispin
University of Chicago Press, 2013
illustr. photogr. en noir et blanc, 240 p.
ISBN 9780226033044

New edition of this classic of travel literature, describing Ella Maillart’s and Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s 11-weeks journey from Geneva to Kabul in a Ford V8. The journal Pacific Affairs says in its review:  Ella K. Maillart – it is she who matters, though her capital I’s are few. The picture of herself is better than many superb photographs: a woman of the twentieth century, with a nostalgia for the primitive; always hungry for new places and new people, but sufficient to herself.

Cette réalité que j’ai pourchassée
New enlarged edition
Editions Zoé, Genève, 2013, 213 p. ISBN 978-2-88182-885-0

An essential testimony to Ella Maillart’s need for discovering the « elsewhere », to the day-to-day reality of her journeys, her intelligent reporting and her inner development. In this new edition the letters to her parents are completed by articles written for various newspapers and magazines. They illustrate her pursuits: Sailing on Lake Geneva, participating in archeological excavations in Crete, practising sports and climbing mountains in the U.S.S.R., reporting about conflict on the Indo-Afghan border in 1937. Also included is a text marked confidential in her archives and published here for the first time: an account of a visit she paid to Winston Churchill in 1936. The book is illustrated with 35 black/white photographs.

Wysłanniczka Specjalna do Mandżurii – w Zderzeniu z Imperium
by Ella Maillart (Polish translation of Envoyée spéciale en Mandchourie by Krystina Arustowicz)
Publ. Noir sur Blanc, Warszawa, 150 p., 2012, ISBN 978-83-7392-377-5

The Spoken Word - Travel Writers
Double CD published by the BBC and the British Library.
2012, 150 mins, ISBN 987-0-7123-5109-6
British Library Shop, Euston Road 96, London NW1 2DB
Tel. +44 20 7412 7735,,

Historic recordings of 12 travel writers and explorers talking about their works, their lives and their personal philosophies: Freya Stark, Leonard D.A. Hussey, Rosita Forbes, Sacheverell Sitwell, Laurens van der Post, Peter Fleming, Ella Maillart, Wilfred Thesiger, Laurie Lee, Eric Newby, Jan Morris, Geoffrey Moorhouse. The interview with Ella Maillart dates from 1987.