Opening hours of Espace Ella Maillart (permanent exhibition) in Chandolin
On account of the current pandemic, the exhibition at Espace Ella Maillart is closed until 30 November 2020, and beyond this date if necessary.
Please contact the Chandolin Tourist Office in case of questions:
Tel.  +41 (0)27 476 17 15

Annual meeting of the Friends of Ella Maillart
Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year’s General Assembly of the Association Les amis d’Ella Maillart will not take place as planned.


Chemin Ella-Maillart in Geneva
In response to a request submitted by the Association of the Friends of Ella Maillart, the Genevan authorities announced in October 2016 that a new street in the Allières area of Eaux-Vives will be named after Ella Maillart. Its inauguration is foreseen for 2023.

Ella Maillart Hall at Municipal Museum of Karakol

Thanks to an initiative taken by Bernard Repond and Ishen Obolbekov of the Swiss association Pamir's Bridges, a new wing of some 100 m2 has been added to the municipal museum of the city of Karakol, near the eastern tip of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan. This new space, inaugurated on 10 September 2016 now houses a permanent exhibition of 112 photographs taken by Ella Maillart during her trek in the Celestial Mountains (Tien Shan) in 1932. Much of the construction costs were covered by the Karakol authorities but given the considerable cultural interest of this project to the region, it was has also sponsored by the Swiss Embassy to Kyrgyzstan, the State and Canton of Geneva, the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne and the Association The Friends of Ella Maillart.

Ecole de Culture générale Ella-Maillart (ECG-EM)
The school is located in downtown Geneva, at rue d’Italie 5, in what used to be the premises of Collège de Candolle. Despite the current coronavirus crisis, all third-year students were able to submit their school-leaving dissertations. Two Ella-Maillart-Prizes were awarded for 2019-2020: Clara Trabosco’s received the Prize for the best composition, entitled La mémorisation des ap-prentissages - L’école secondaire aide-t-elle les élèves à mémoriser leurs apprentissages? The Prize for the most original composition was awarded to Salomé Brawand for La création d’une bande dessinée sur Les Métamorphoses d’Ovide.

New publications

Ella Maillart - Dans la tourmente du XXe siècle
de Bridget Dommen
104 p., b/w photogr. illustrations
Editions Cabédita, Bière, 2020
Bridget Dommen specialises in youth books about personalities who marked their time. She shows us Ella Maillart as a privileged witness of the 20th century and its numerous political and social upheavals. Brief summaries of the political context in the different countries visited by Ella Maillart help to understand the situations and incidents she describes in her books.

Im Land der Sherpas 
Epilogue by Felicitas Hoppe
224 pages, 60 b/w photographs
Nagel & Kimche, Zurich, 2018.
This German translation of The Land of the Sherpas tells how, in 1951, Ella Maillart obtained a rare permit to visit Nepal, the last independent Himalayan kingdom, closed until 1949. After a two-month stay in Kathmandu she walks to the Malemchi valley and the sacred Gosainkund lake.

Oasis interdites - De Pékin au Cachemire
Preface by Nicolas Bouvier
Collector Edition, 417 pages
With the 62 photographs of the original book
Payot & Rivages, Paris, 2018

A new edition of the original French version of this classic tale, first published by Grasset, Paris, in 1937.